United States Patent: 4663931

As seen in just one of our earlier reports:

Germany Co-Produces Methanol & Power from Coal | Research & Development; concerning: "United States Patent 4,665,688 - Power Generating Station with Integrated Coal Gasification; 1987; Germany; Abstract: Power generating plant with an integrated coal gasification plant, with a heat exchanger and gas purification plant connected to the coal gasifier, with a gas turbine and steam power generating plant part connected to the heat exchanger and gas purification plant, and with a methanol synthesis plant";

it is feasible to construct a Coal conversion factory that could generate electricity as a by-product of Methanol production, by harvesting heat from the hot, primarily Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen, "Syngas" generated from Coal, as it was being conveyed to the Methanol synthesis reactor.

United States Patent: 5266175

Exxon brings a number of things we have previously documented for you together in this US Patent, for yet another Carbon Dioxide recycling technology targeted on the production of a blend of Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide: a synthesis gas that can then be catalytically condensed into higher, liquid hydrocarbons.

First, it is another of the "tri-reforming" techniques, which our domestic petroleum industry, including some of the companies related and precedent to Exxon/ExxonMobil, began developing shortly after WWII; and, in which Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Water are reacted together and made thereby to form such a hydrocarbon synthesis gas. As seen, for one example, in our report of:

United States Patent: 4265868

We've previously cited Pittsburgh's Koppers Company, and the Koppers scientist named as the inventor in the United States Patent for Coal gasification technology we report in this dispatch.


An example would be: Pittsburgh Company Coal Conversion Technology | Research & Development; which reports: "'Economics of the Koppers Gasification Process for Synthetic Gas and Chemical Manufacture';

John F. Kamody and J. Frank Cannon; Koppers Company, Inc.; Pittsburgh, PA;  The commercially proven Koppers K-T gasification process is employed for the gasification of coal and other carbonaceous fuels to produce a carbon monoxide and hydrogen rich gas (i.e., "syngas")".

United States Patent: 4159237

We've previously cited the former Gulf Oil Corporation's Coal scientist, Bruce Schmid, who worked for Gulf's Pittsburg (KS) and Midway Mining subsidiary, at least half a dozen times, in the course of documenting the extensive Coal conversion and liquefaction technology that had been developed and become owned, but left unused, by a one-time major player on Big Oil's roster.


We insert, and append, reference links to some of those past reports along with the two additional Gulf Oil Coal conversion technologies we submit herein, especially since some of the disclosed processes are closely-related to, even integral with, our present subjects.

United States Patent Application: 0110105630

Last October, we sent you information confirming that the United States Government, as represented by the Secretary of the Navy, was seeking a United States Patent on technology that would enable the conversion of Carbon Dioxide into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.


That information is available via: US Navy Seeks CO2 Recycling Patent | Research & Development; wherein is disclosed details of: "US Patent Application 2008/0051478A1 - Synthesis of Hydrocarbons via Catalytic Reduction of CO2; Publication Date: February, 2008; Assignee: The Government of the US, as represented by the Secretary of the Navy; Abstract: A method of: introducing hydrogen and a feed gas containing at least 50 volume % carbon dioxide into a reactor containing Fischer-Tropsch catalyst ... to produce hydrocarbons in the reactor".

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