New Sky Energy

A team of accomplished scientists has established a fairly new company out in Colorado, perhaps to take advantage of all the Carbon Dioxide escaping from the rather well-known brewery out there that famously employs "Rocky Mountain Spring Water" in the making of beer; a beverage that, as soon as you pour a glass, starts doing it's part, through foaming, to, if you subscribe to greenhouse theories, contribute to warming the globe while at the same time cooling you off.

Information accessible via the initial link in this dispatch tells us that:

"New Sky Energy is a carbon negative energy and manufacturing company. Our proprietary capture process scrubs CO2 from the air or flue gas and converts it into safe, stable solids. These solids can in turn be incorporated into building materials, durable goods, fertilizers and other manufactured products. By converting CO2 into useful products we give consumers and manufacturers the opportunity to fight global warming simply by making smart buying choices.

United States Patent: 6187226

We've reported many times on various "reforming" technologies, wherein Carbon Dioxide, CO2, is reacted with Methane, CH4, and/or Water, and is made thereby to form a hydrocarbon synthesis gas suitable for catalytic condensation into liquid hydrocarbons via what are, in some circles at least, well-known processes.

From an historical perspective, those CO2-CH4 reforming technologies seem to have been discovered, or development of them first got underway, during the WWII era, as witness, for just one example, our report:

United States Patent: 4827045

In the course of our reportage, we often make reference to ExxonMobil's Methanol-to-Gasoline, "MTG"(r), technology, usually stipulating that ExxonMobil most often posits that Methanol is to be made from Coal.

Our most recent documentation of such Methanol-to-Gasoline technology appeared in a dispatch which documented that Methanol can be synthesized from some other intriguing substances, as well, in addition to Coal, as seen in:

United States Patent: 3928000

The latter months of the year 1975, from whence the principal subject of our discussion herein originates, were, in terms of Coal conversion science and technology, busy ones both for our United States Patent Office and for the companies that some decades later found themselves getting homogenized into Chevron.

Texaco was one of those companies; and, we have documented their mid-1970's development of a variety of Coal utilization and conversion technologies in a number of prior reports.

United States Patent: 4094650

The US-patented Exxon technology we report in this dispatch is closely related to another Exxon technology, patented in the very same year, by, essentially, the same team of Exxon scientists.

As earlier seen in: Exxon Converts 99% of Coal to Methane | Research & Development; which concerns:

"United States Patent 4,077,778 - Process for the Catalytic Gasification of Coal; 1978; Assignee: Exxon Research and Engineering Company, NJ; Abstract: A process for the production of synthetic natural gas from a carbon-alkali metal catalyst or alkali-metal impregnated carbonaceous feed, particularly coal";

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