United States Patent: 4668349

We hesitated at first to present the Standard Oil Company Carbon Dioxide recycling technology we submit in this dispatch.

The official, United States Patent Disclosure of it bandies terms about that are so arcane as to be absolutely unintelligible to us mere Coal-digging troglodytes.


United States Patent Application: 0090298958

Herein we present yet another, essentially Coal liquefaction, technology developed by the now-notorious British Petroleum.

In perfect honesty, though, our headline on this dispatch might at first seem deceptive or misleading.

Like many of Big Oil's published treatises on Coal conversion technologies, targeted on the production of liquid hydrocarbon replacements for the stuff we've indentured ourselves to the beneficent group of nations known as OPEC for the supply of, BP manages to avoid any use of the dirty, four-letter word, "Coal", throughout their full Disclosure.


United States Patent: 6410477

Like many of the published petroleum industry technologies we've reported for you, the Japanese scientists we cite herein prefer not to identify, at all, not even once, the source of their raw material: "a gas mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide".


However, some of these scientists' friends and close colleagues have already spilled those beans, as some  lengthy comments we'll insert attest. We'll have some additional suggestions of our own, as well, following excerpts from the above link to the United States Patent which tells us how to make "primarily gasoline fuel oil and diesel fuel oil" out of such "a gas mixture":

Recovery of sulphur dioxide from gas mixtures

It should, by now, go without our saying so that elemental, molecular Hydrogen, H2, is darned-handy stuff to have a little bit of.

As seen in:

WVU Hydrogenates Coal Tar | Research & Development; concerning: "Hydrogenation of Naphthalene and Coal Tar Distillate; West Virginia University; 2009; Abstract: The hydrogenation of naphthalene and coal-tar distillates ... in the presence of hydrogen ... for the hydrogenated product, tetralin ... (which can be used to produce) liquid fuel from solid coal";


United States Patent: 4778585

We've previously cited the named inventor of the United States Patent for Coal conversion technology we enclose herein. He is one of the authors identified in our earlier report of:

New York City (!!!) Improves Coal Liquefaction | Research & Development; which concerned: "Improvement of Coal Direct Liquefaction by Steam Pretreatment; O. Ivanenko, R.A. Graff, et. al., City College of New York".

We've eschewed the use of exclamation points in the headline of this dispatch.


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