United States Patent: 7420004

We're sending along in this dispatch some information concerning the productive recycling of Carbon Dioxide we attempted and intended to get to you quite a long time ago. So, some of it might seem redundant.

But, we feel that it's all pretty important stuff, and we wanted to make certain it was clear and understood.


Preparation of synthesis gases from carbonaceous solids


We've previously reported on the early-1950's development, by the well-known E.I. DuPont Company, of Coal conversion technologies targeted on the production of various hydrocarbons; compounds which we presume that DuPont, based on their established business, intended for use in polymers and synthetic fibers.

Manufacture of synthesis gas

We're including two primary links in this dispatch, since the technical disclosures of the two United States Patents, for the efficient conversion of Coal into hydrocarbon synthesis gas, connected to by those links, both assigned to the former Texaco, which was assimilated a few decades ago into Chevron, make reference to each other in the courses of their respective expositions.

As a quick search of the West Virginia Coal Association Research and Development archives will attest, we've already documented for you more than thirty Carbon conversion technologies developed by the former Texaco and it's associated companies; technologies directly pertaining to the transformation of Coal, Carbon-recycling wastes and Carbon Dioxide itself into hydrocarbon liquids and gases.


United States Patent: 4545872

In a related series of reports starting more than a year ago, we documented the development, by a team of scientists employed by the former Texaco, Incorporated, of a complete family of technologies wherein Carbon Dioxide could be productively recycled into such useful things as Methanol, Methane, Formic Acid, and Formaldehyde.

We submit herein what we think will be our final report on the Carbon Dioxide recycling achievements of that particular group of Texaco scientists; and, for clarity, since their array of CO2 utilization processes is, by its volume, bewildering, we wanted to first briefly recap our several earlier reports of their work, as follows:


United States Patent: 4354920

We've previously documented the Coal liquefaction technology that had been under development by California's Chevron, formed by the 1985 merger of Pittsburgh's Gulf Oil and Standard Oil of California.

We, in fact, insinuated that the merger of those two companies might have been motivated by their coincident, and extensive, separate development of Coal liquefaction technologies, which development continued jointly for a time after their 1985 merger.


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