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It isn't New York City itself that's recycling Carbon Dioxide, but a new company there founded and led by a team of two highly-accomplished Columbia University scientists.

We have, of course, previously documented the achievements of Columbia University scholars in the field of Carbon Dioxide capture and utilization, and we remind you of just two of our earlier reports relating to Columbia, as in:


Reduction of co-containing gases

First of all, keep in mind that Carbon Monoxide, which some really old Coal miners might still call the "White Damp", and which all Coal miners carry portable "self-rescuers" to, if needed, protect themselves against, can, despite its unpleasant nature, still be some pretty nifty stuff to have a little of.


Energy Citations Database (ECD) - - Document #5178027

Herein is yet more confirmation of the fact, that:

If we want to start treating our Carbon Dioxide more as a valuable resource - - rather than as some sort of dangerous pollutant we must, through taxation disguised as something called Cap & Trade, or, through indentured servitude to Big Oil labeled as mandated Geologic Sequestration, somehow economically enslave and parasitize our vital and productive Coal-use industries, and the people who depend upon them, somehow bring under control - - then all we need to do that is, basically, more Coal.

Producing ethanol and saleable organic compounds using an environmental carbon dioxide reduction process

We've made many derisive comments, over the long course of our reportage, pertaining to the utter foolishness of promoting the use of Ethanol, made from agricultural produce, as a means to reduce or control greenhouse gas, i.e., Carbon Dioxide, emissions.


United States Patent: 7909979

As seen in many of our previous reports, including, for just two examples:

USDOE Synthetic Fuels from Atmospheric CO2 | Research & Development; concerning: "United States Patent Application 20100205856A1 - Synthetic Fuels from Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide; 2010; Assignee: Los Alamos National Security, LLC; This invention was made with government support under Contract No. DE-AC52-06NA25396 awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy. Abstract: The present invention is directed to providing a method of producing synthetic fuels and organic chemicals from atmospheric carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide gas is extracted from the atmosphere, hydrogen gas is obtained by splitting water, a mixture of the carbon dioxide gas and the hydrogen gas (synthesis gas) is generated, and the synthesis gas is converted into synthetic fuels and/or organic products"; and:


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