United States Patent: 5591238

Last December, we made report of Carbon Dioxide recycling technology that had been developed by the once well-known Amoco Corporation; which report is now accessible on the West Virginia Coal Association's web site via the link:

Amoco CO2 + CH4 = Hydrocarbon Syngas | Research & Development; wherein we discussed: "United States Patent 5,614,163 - Process for Making Synthesis Gas; 1997; Assignee: Amoco Corporation; Abstract: A process is disclosed for preparing a synthesis gas comprising hydrogen and carbon monoxide by partial oxidation of hydrocarbyl compounds using ... carbon dioxide, or mixtures thereof in the presence of a catalyst comprising ... a hydrotalcite-like compound".


United States Patent: 5092984

We've previously made report of the Coal and Carbon conversion technologies established by scientists working at Chicago's "Institute of Gas Technology".

Examples include:

Chicago Converts CO2 to Methane | Research & Development; concerning: "US Patent 3,766,027 - Method and Apparatus for CO Conversion to Methane (The title as published in the source we utilized is incorrect, and should read: "CO2 Conversion". - JtM); 1973; Institute of Gas Technology, Chicago; Claims: A process for the conversion of carbon dioxide to methane"; and:

United States Patent: 5985178

Very recently, and as now accessible on the West Virginia Coal Association's web site via the link:

New York City Reclaims and Recycles Carbon Dioxide | Research & Development;

we made report of the Carbon Dioxide reclamation technology now being commercialized by the New York City company, "Global Thermostat, LLC".


Process for reacting hydrogen and oxides of carbon

We're compelled to preface our excerpts from the above link, "Process for reacting hydrogen and oxides of carbon", by first explaining where we might get some "hydrogen and oxides of carbon".

Although hundreds, perhaps thousands, of similar, impeccable, explanations exist, we ourselves are sort of partial to the technology disclosed in our earlier report:


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