Gasification of carbonaceous solids

We recently sent you report of a process developed by ExxonMobil, a seemingly-advanced technology which enables the co-conversion of both Coal and Carbon-recycling organic materials into a synthesis gas blend of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen, a gas mixture which would be suitable for catalytic chemical condensation into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

United States Patent: 4070160

We enclose, with advance apologies for the length and breadth of this dispatch, a series of United States Patents so closely related that treating them separately would have confused the issue and done injustice to the technical concepts they embody.

In brief sum, we have many times made reference to the use of Hydrogen donor substances in Coal conversion processes.

Process for the manufacture of hydrocarbons from carbon monoxide and hydrogen

Over the long course of our reportage, we've many times made reference to the value of "synthesis gas", or, more simply, "syngas", a blend of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen which can be catalytically condensed through a variety of techniques, most often referred to generically, and, since there are wide variations on the art. somewhat inaccurately, as the "Fischer-Tropsch" technique, into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.


Gasification of combustible materials

In a recent dispatch, now accessible via:

West Virginia & New York Coal to Hydrocarbon Syngas | Research & Development; we reported on a Coal hydro-gasification process that had been invented in Charleston, WV, by a scientist in the employ of New York's FMC Corporation; which, as we've documented in many other reports, has a long history of involvement in various Coal conversion research and development endeavors.

We earlier attempted to make report of the information we enclose herein, so please forgive what might seem tedious repetition. But, our previous efforts were curtailed by what we can only characterize as the better social judgment of others.

We are trying our best, as all seem to desire, to put a rose-colored lens on the flashlight with which we illuminate this particular dark and dusty trail.

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