Manufacture of gas mixtures containing carbon monoxide and hydrogen

We've presented several reports concerning technology for the gasification of Coal, wherein an Oxygen donor substance, rather than plain Air or purified Oxygen, is utilized to effect the partial oxidation of the Carbon contained in the Coal.

The supply of Oxygen, through a donor substance, is restricted, and, thus, reactive and desired Carbon Monoxide is generated preferentially to the less reactive Carbon Dioxide.

Further, no, or far fewer, undesirable oxides of Nitrogen are formed in such processes.

United States Patent: 8017658

We have previously reported on the accomplishments of our US Defense establishment in the development of technologies which would enable us to reclaim Carbon Dioxide, whether from point sources of emission or from the environment itself, and then to convert that reclaimed Carbon Dioxide into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

United States Patent: 4689313

We've previously documented, in several reports, the Carbon conversion expertise of the, apparently former, Exxon scientist Rocco Fiato, regarding primarily the science he helped to develop, while at Exxon Research and Engineering Company, for the productive chemical recycling of Carbon Dioxide.

We mentioned him recently in a dispatch concerning the New York City-based Carbon Dioxide recycling enterprise, Global Thermostat, LLC;  who claim their "patent-pending technology uses low-cost left over process heat as energy for the capture of CO2 from the atmosphere (and, it) can be installed at new or legacy power plants, cement smelters (and) refineries".

United States Patent: 7473286

This past June, we provided you with more information concerning the Carbon Dioxide recycling and reuse technology, based on reactions between Carbon Dioxide and red-hot Coal, that has, or had, been under development by the German parent company of the Ohio Valley's Bayer Corporation, who are headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, and who have significant manufacturing facilities in West Virginia.

Synthesis gas generation

We've already submitted many reports on the extensive development of innovative Coal conversion and Carbon recycling technologies by the once-famous Texaco, aka "The Texas Company".

Such have included:

Texaco 1950 Coal + Steam = Hydrocarbon Syngas | Research & Development; concerning: "United States Patent 2,516,974 - Gasifying Carbonaceous Material; 1950; Assignee: Texaco Development Corporation;

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