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We submit herein another lengthy collection of direct, seemingly reputable, confirmations of the fact that Coal fly ash, just like Carbon Dioxide, is a by-product of our vital Coal-use industries of immense potential  value; a raw material out of which we can make any number of things, via processes that, by putting to valuable use what might otherwise be treated - laughably, ridiculously, preposterously and fraudulently - as "hazardous" waste, actually conserve other vital, natural resources.

First, from fully one half of a decade ago, we submit an article from a definitely not-Coal Country newspaper, clearly reporting that Coal power plant fly ash can be treated and utilized as a raw material commodity.

United States Patent: 6755901

As we have begun to document, the Fly Ash byproduct of Coal-fired power generation can be employed in a number of very productive ways, as can, as we've documented, for one instance, in:

Exxon Converts Coal Conversion Residues to Cement | Research & Development; concerning: "United States Patent 4,260,421 - Cement Production from Coal Conversion Residues; 1981; Exxon Research and Engineering Company: Abstract: Cement is produced by feeding residue solids containing carbonaceous material and ash constituents obtained from converting a carbonaceous feed material into liquids and/or gases into a cement-making zone and burning the carbon in the residue solids to supply at least a portion of the energy required to convert the solids into cement";

United States Patent: 4318797


As we've documented in a number of reports, South Africa Synthetic Oil Limited, "Sasol", or, as variously reported in other sources, from the Afrikaans: "Suid Afrikaanse Steenkool en Olie, Ltd.", has been converting Coal into liquid hydrocarbon fuels, and supplying thus a large percentage of the gasoline and diesel used by South Africa's motoring public, and their military, for many decades.

According to the article accessible via:

Sasol | Company Structure Information from ICIS; wherein we're told, that:

United States Patent: 4159310

Our headline won't at first seem to match up well with the content accessed via our opening link, above; but, we assure you, it all ties in, as should become apparent.

In a recent news article concerning the campaign by West Virginia's elected representatives to forestall the short-sighted and wasteful classification of Coal fly ash as a hazardous waste by the US EPA: - Engineering (ENG) News - Follow the "Green" Brick Road? - US National Science Foundation (NSF)

This will be a lengthy dispatch. But, since legislation introduced by West Virginia's congressional contingent, intended to prevent the EPA from arbitrarily classifying Coal-fired power plant fly ash as hazardous waste, has passed the House of Representatives and been introduced to the Senate by West Virginia's US Senators, it might be worth the read.

We've lately been documenting the fact that solid Coal-use residuals, whether they result from simply burning Coal or from converting Coal into more versatile hydrocarbons, can be used in the manufacture, or supplementation, of "Portland"-type cement and mortar.

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