Fly Ash

Since we have recently begun to, and in coming days will more extensively, extol the many, and rather surprising, virtues of Coal-derived fly ash, we wanted herein to establish that some of it's uses are actually well-known among some at least of the people who should know, people who seem to be willing to assist in the promotion of its productive employment.

The initial link in this dispatch should take you to a US Federal Highways Administration web site, labeled:

"Infrastructure Materials Group: Fly Ash";

and, what they have to tell us is rather enlightening, as we see, with comment inserted and other links appended, in excerpts explaining that:

United States Patent: 593765

The two United States Patents we present, and center our discussion on, in this dispatch are related conceptually to a number of other technologies we have brought to your attention, wherein both Coal and CO2-recycling biomass can be combined and then gasified by a blend of gases, which blend actually includes Carbon Dioxide itself; CO2 that has been both collected from within the overall process and obtained additionally from an outside source - specifically, the exhaust gas of an industrial boiler.

It all results in the production of both a hydrocarbon synthesis gas, suitable for catalytic condensation, as via the Fischer-Tropsch process, for example, into hydrocarbons; a useful carbonaceous "Char"; and, a net consumption of Carbon Dioxide.

Production of gases from carbonaceous solids

More than one half of a century ago, the United States Petroleum Industry and, by extension, through approval and issuance of the United States Patent we enclose in this dispatch, our United States Government, knew full well, that: not only could Coal be converted, through gasification and subsequent catalytic condensation, into liquid hydrocarbon fuels, but, through inclusion in the gasification process, so could Carbon-recycling botanical products and, even, Carbon Dioxide itself.

Such a concept shouldn't be unfamiliar to you, assuming you to have followed our posts thus far.

United States Patent Application: 0100330637

The Microbes, as in our headline, don't excrete Gasoline, exactly, but a hydrocarbon that is a perfectly acceptable substitute for Gasoline, or, at least for a major proportion of Gasoline blending stock, since Gasoline is, in fact, a blend of various volatile liquid hydrocarbons.

The bugs can also be made to consume Carbon Dioxide and to directly produce Ethanol, with attendant benefits relative to Carbon Dioxide emissions themselves, all of which we will see further on.

United States Patent: 7989507

More than a year ago, we alerted you that the German engineering giant, Siemens AG, had, through a United States scientist in their employ, developed a technology for the practical and profitable recycling of Carbon Dioxide in the synthesis of hydrocarbon fuels; and, had applied for a US Patent on that technology.

Our report is accessible via:

Germany Seeks US CO2 Recycling Patent | Research & Development; and centers on the details of:

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