United States Patent: 4521499

We submit herein two United States Patents for technologies, or, actually, for photoelectric processors and chemical processing systems, that are so closely-related that we are led to think of them as being "integrated".

And, the true intent of these inventions, and their associated processes, are buried so deep within, so close to the end of, the "Detailed Description"s sections of the full Disclosures that we are compelled to present an advance, edited excerpt, as follows:

"Photoelectrosynthetic cells employing the photoelectrode of the invention may convert essentially any organic reactant in the presence of water to an oxidized organic product and hydrogen. (Examples) of typical photoelectrosynthetic conversion reaction employing the photoelectrode of the invention include hydrogen chloride converted to hydrogen and chlorine, ... and water and carbon dioxide converted to methanol and oxygen."

Energy Citations Database (ECD) - - Document #6286660

We've many times documented that Coal can be converted into quite superior liquid aviation fuel.

That fact, actually, as we've documented, was known in Morgantown, West Virginia, as far back as the middle years of World War II, since WV's own then-US Congressman Jennings Randolph took it upon himself at that time to have West Virginia University's labs brew up some Gasoline, out of Coal, for his airplane, and then flew from Morgantown to Washington, DC, to demonstrate the truth that Coal could be converted into any form of liquid fuel.

United States Patent Application: 0050232833

We have, over the past months and years, made report of what has, now obviously, been an extraordinary research and development effort within the United States Department of Defense to establish comprehensive technology, whereby Carbon Dioxide could be reclaimed from the environment and then be converted into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.


United States Patent: 7776150

We've documented many, many times that our varied and productive uses of Coal lead to the co-production of compounds and materials that we could, and should, begin to view and treat as valuable by-products, rather than as pollutants we must somehow, at great unproductive expense, find some way to just, in some way satisfactory to the seeming legions opposed to Coal, dispose of.

For just two examples, without referencing any of our past reports, it now seems incontrovertible that Coal fly ash can be utilized to good economic effect in the making of cement and concrete; and, that, Carbon Dioxide can be recycled in the synthesis of hydrocarbon fuels.


We remind you of a report we made somewhat more than a year ago, in October of 2010, now accessible on the West Virginia Coal Association's web site via the link:

ExxonMobil "Clean Gasoline from Coal" | Research & Development; and, wherein ExxonMobil, in a glossy marketing brochure accessible via a link enclosed in that dispatch, explain their "MTG"(r) technology, wherein Methanol is converted into Gasoline; and, wherein they posit the Methanol to be made from Coal.

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