United States Patent: 5766339

We've been documenting, that, in addition to Carbon Dioxide and it's vast potential as a raw material for the synthesis of hydrocarbons, as seen, for just one out of now many examples, in our report of:

USDOE Converts CO2 to Gasoline | Research & Development; concerning the US Government-owned: "United States Patent 4,197,421 - Synthetic Carbonaceous Fuels and Feedstocks; 1980; Assignee: The United States of America; Abstract: This invention relates to the use of a three compartment electrolytic cell in the production of synthetic carbonaceous fuels and chemical feedstocks such as gasoline, methane and methanol by electrolyzing an aqueous sodium carbonate/bicarbonate solution, obtained from scrubbing atmospheric carbon dioxide with an aqueous sodium hydroxide solution, whereby the hydrogen generated at the cathode and the carbon dioxide liberated in the center compartment are combined thermocatalytically into methanol and gasoline blends";

Carbon Recycling International

We're making the effort in this dispatch to clean up and summarize some information we've provided in earlier reports, concerning the development, in the small island nation of Iceland, of an industry founded on the manufacture of liquid hydrocarbons fuels via the recycling of Carbon Dioxide.

First, in two earlier submissions, now accessible on the West Virginia Coal Association's web site via the links:


We've documented for you a number of times that Coal power plant Fly Ash can be utilized in the making of a Portland-type Cement; a cement that offers advantages in terms of reduced energy consumption and reduced Carbon Dioxide emissions, relative to conventional Portland Cement, in it's making; and, higher strength and other improved performance, relative to Portland Cement, in it's use in traditional cement and concrete applications.

United States Patent: 7897649

We've made earlier report on the work underway at the University of California - Riverside, UCR, wherein both Coal and renewable, Carbon-recycling wastes are being together converted into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

Two of our dispatches concerning their efforts are accessible on the West Virginia Coal Association's web site, via the links:

United States Patent Application: 0110114502

We've made several previous reports concerning the Carbon Dioxide recycling technology that has been, and is being, developed by scientists, including and especially Andrew Bocarsly and Emily Barton Cole, at New Jersey's Princeton University.

We last called your attention to the fact that Princeton's scientists had applied for United States, and World, patent protection on technology they had invented which would enable the efficient conversion of Carbon Dioxide, recovered from whatever source, into a variety of organic chemical products, including the alcohols Methanol and Ethanol.

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