United States Patent Application: 0070149392

In an earlier dispatch, now accessible on the West Virginia Coal Association's web site via the link:

General Electric Recycles CO2 to Liquid Fuels | Research & Development;

we made report of technology that had been developed by one of our nation's more venerable corporations, General Electric, which embodies certain components of what might be a comprehensive system for the capture of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, and the subsequent conversion of that Carbon Dioxide into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.


Believe it or not, the United States Environmental Protection Agency confirms herein what we have many times documented in other of our reports:

The conversion of Coal into liquid hydrocarbon replacements for anything we now derive from conventional, natural petroleum sources can be done efficiently, cleanly and in an environmentally-acceptable way.

United States Patent: 7919290

Last April, the better part of a year ago, we alerted you that scientists in Minnesota had identified certain strains of bacteria, from a group of bacteria called "methanogens", and methods of utilizing them, that would enable the natural process of fermenting organic materials into Methane to be supplemented and increased by adding gaseous Carbon Dioxide to a "bioreactor", a vessel designed to both promote the growth of the bacteria, and, to facilitate collection of the product Methane.


Right off the bat, we want to call attention to the way the United States Department of Energy titles the information we bring to you in this dispatch.

We note first, without referencing any of our past reports documenting the fact, since many more are to follow, that we have already many times documented that Coal Fly Ash, and even Flue Gas Desulfurization scrubber sludge, have rather large potentials for use in the making of cement and concrete, and other basic construction materials.


As many people know, China has a rich tradition of annual celebrations, which they immerse themselves in and enjoy with great fervor.

We have some of our own traditional yearly celebrations, as well, of course, like Christmas and the Fourth of July; and, many of us are aware of some of China's annual festivals, like the famed Chinese New Year.

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