United States Patent: 7704369

We have, over the long course of our reportage, made numerous reports of, and made numerous references to, the extraordinary body of Carbon Dioxide recycling technology and science that has been established at the University of Southern California, by their resident Nobel Laureate, George Olah, and his colleagues.

Some examples, in no particular order, include:

West Virginia Coal Association | California Patents CO2 Recycling | Research & Development; concerning: "United States Patent 7,608,743 - Efficient and selective chemical recycling of carbon dioxide to methanol, dimethyl ether and derived products; October 27, 2009; George Olah and G.K. Surya Prakash; Assignee: University of Southern California; Abstract: An efficient and environmentally beneficial method of recycling and producing methanol from varied sources of carbon dioxide including flue gases of fossil fuel burning powerplants, industrial exhaust gases or the atmosphere itself. Converting carbon dioxide by chemical or electrochemical reduction secondary treatment to produce essentially methanol, dimethyl ether and derived products";

Patent US0042772

We have many times emphasized the fact that Coal can be "hydro-gasified", that is, gasified with, or in the presence of, Steam, with both substances being broken down through heat-driven reactions into the simpler, reactive components, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen; which substances can then be catalytically recombined into various hydrocarbon gases and liquids.

An example of our reportage on that topic would include:

Exxon Gasifies Coal, and Steam-Gasifies the Char | Research & Development; concerning: "United States Patent 5,055,181 - Hydropyrolysis-Gasification of Carbonaceous Material; 1991; Assignee: Exxon Research and Engineering Company; Abstract: Disclosed is a process for obtaining liquids and gases from carbonaceous material, such as coal (wherein the) carbonaceous material is ... hydropyrolyzed for an effective residence time ... to make liquid products. The resulting char is gasified in the presence of steam."

United States Patent: 3976443

In an earlier dispatch, now accessible via:

West Virginia Coal Association | Texaco CO2 + Coal = Hydrocarbon Synthesis Gas | Research & Development;

we made report of yet another of the many Coal, and other Carbon source, conversion technologies developed by the once-iconic Texaco, since vanished into the Chevron conglomerate.

United States Patent: 7906559

We've made a number of previous reports on the University of Southern California's Carbon Dioxide-recycling, Nobel-certified, genius, George Olah, and his, and his colleague's, development of an array of technologies that enable the productive recycling of Carbon Dioxide, as collected from whatever source, in the synthesis of liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

United States Patent: 6864596

As we have stated previously, study of the available literature documenting the ways and means by which both Coal and Carbon Dioxide can be profitably converted into liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons - and, boy, howdy, there sure is a lot of it - demonstrates that the most efficient results, in terms of total Carbon conversion and ranges of products generated, i.e., for instance, straight hydrocarbons versus alcohols, are achieved when elemental Hydrogen, as opposed to Steam, is used as the source of Hydrogen in the Carbon hydrogenation reactions.

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