United States Patent: 5837052

We've documented many times that Coal-fired power plant fly ash can be utilized, in a number of forms and in a number of ways, in the manufacture of Portland-type cement and of concrete, with the consequent benefits of utilizing what is typically thought of only as a noxious solid waste that must, at some great expense saddled onto the backs of consumers of Coal-based electrical power, be gotten rid of in some fashion satisfactory to groups notorious for not being satisfied with much of anything; and, the conservation of resources that would otherwise be consumed in the mining and processing of the traditional raw materials that go into the making of Portland-type cement and of concrete formed from that cement.

Carnegie climate study urges aggressive deployment of renewable - Business, Government Legal News from throughout WV

An excerpt:

"'The study throws serious doubts on the notion that natural gas could replace coal, averting further global warming.

"'Natural gas plants emit about half the GHGs emitted by coal plants of the same capacity, yet a transition to natural gas would require a century or longer to attain even a 25 percent reduction in ... warming ," the report states. "Natural gas substitution thus may not be as beneficial in the near or medium term as extrapolation from ‘raw' annual GHG emissions might suggest.'"

Process for the production of carbon monoxide from a solid fuel

Herein, we submit yet another example of technology, developed more than half a century ago, by the former, and formerly-famous, Texaco, wherein Coal can be indirectly converted, through an initial gasification, into conventional types of liquid hydrocarbon fuels, with no, or very, very little, co-production, or emission, of Carbon Dioxide.

United States Patent Application: 0090285739

We've submitted numerous reports concerning the Carbon Dioxide recycling technology that has been established by a team of University of Southern California scientists, a team led by USC's resident Nobel Laureate, George Olah.

The CO2 utilization technologies developed by Olah and his colleagues enable the efficient transformation of Carbon Dioxide into liquid hydrocarbon fuels, most especially the incredibly valuable alcohol, Methanol; which can itself be used as the basic feedstock for manufacturing nearly any other organic or hydrocarbon compound, including various types of plastics normally derived from petrochemicals and, via, for one example, ExxonMobil's MTG(r) technology, Gasoline.

United States Patent: 4362703

This will be a rather involved dispatch; and we apologize in advance for it's length and complexity.

However, it centers on what should be recognized as a matter of strategic importance for the United States of America, which is:

Securing a domestic supply of Aluminum, all raw ore of which, according to the US Geologic Survey, via:


we now import, through the recycling, the reprocessing, of Coal-fired power plant Fly Ash.

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