We have a lot of closely-related ground concerning the productive collection and recycling of Carbon Dioxide we want to cover in this dispatch, so please forgive any stylistic lapses in our narrative. We'll need to condense things as much as possible.

We've made, over the long course of our reportage, numerous reports of, and allusions to, the extraordinary body of Carbon Dioxide recycling and utilization technology that has been, and is being, developed at Penn State University.

United States Patent: 4394247

We know that our headline, i.e., "California Magic Acid", might, for those among us old enough to have once worn flowers in our hair, conjure up some colorful images that seem wildly incongruent with that of the black bedrock of our reportage, Coal; but, bear with us as we attempt to explain.

And, we beg your patience.

We've previously alluded to our varied personal insufficiencies and disabilities, which sadly limit our capacities both to personally understand the technicalities and to explain them; and, the defection by our more technically-competent advisors, who finally had their fill of being ignored.

United States Patent Application: 0110105630

We have now many times documented the plain fact, that, our own United States Government, through the United States Navy and the United States Department of Defense, now has in hand the technologies which would, if implemented, allow us to begin harvesting Carbon Dioxide from any available source, including the environment itself, and, then, to start converting that reclaimed Carbon Dioxide into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

PMI Ash Technologies, LLC - Providing Superior Solutions For Your Fly Ash Challenges

We've lately been emphasizing the plain fact that solid Coal Utilization Byproducts, typically called Fly Ash, though other sorts of Coal Ash do figure in, are valuable raw material resources, the enlightened use of which could lead to improved energy and environmental efficiencies in, especially, the cement and concrete industries; though other applications, in plastics and composites, also present significant potentials.

Herein, we want to begin to redress a lapse in our reportage, attributable to our varied personal disabilities, concerning an established and commercial vendor of Coal Ash, and of Coal Ash utilization technologies.

United States Patent: 4583993

We have, over the long course of our reportage, more than thoroughly documented the incontrovertible fact that our most iconic and familiar representative of the Big Oil clan, ExxonMobil, and it's precedent Mobil Oil and Esso/Exxon companies, clearly know how to efficiently convert our abundant domestic Coal into anything, quite literally anything, we now mortgage our nation's financial future to the moneyed, alien powers of OPEC for the supply of.

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