United States Patent: 6045761

We will begin in this dispatch to attempt redress of an omission in our reportage, an omission which we believe to have been caused by our now long-ago computer meltdown and, despite the, to us, miraculous and magical work of the esteem-worthy Geek Squad(r), the subsequent loss of some electronic files.

First, we remind you of one report we made concerning the Carbon Dioxide recycling achievements of the giant, Switzerland-based, Swedish-Swiss energy and automation conglomerate, ABB, as accessible via:



We've made numerous reports concerning the use of Coal-fired power plant Fly Ash as a fine aggregate for various composite materials, most especially Portland Cement Concrete.

One of our favorites is that accessible on the West Virginia Coal Association web site, via:

US EPA Headquarters Housed in Coal Ash | Research & Development; which concerns, in part, the use of Coal Ash as an aggregate for Portland Cement Concrete, and, wherein we learn that Fly Ash has been used for such purposes "in several construction projects and prominent buildings, including the Ronald Reagan Government Office building, home to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Washington, D.C.".

United States Patent: 8025705

We've made several prior reports concerning Germany's multi-national energy technology giant, Siemens AG; one of perhaps special interest in:

West Virginia Coal Association | August 2011, CO2-to-Gasoline US Patent Awarded | Research & Development; concerning:

"United States Patent 7,989,507 - Production of Fuel Materials Utilizing Waste Carbon Dioxide; 2011;  Assignee: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Germany; Abstract: The present invention is directed to a method for utilizing CO2 waste comprising recovering carbon dioxide from an industrial process that produces a waste stream comprising carbon dioxide in an amount greater than an amount of carbon dioxide present in starting materials for the industrial process. The method further includes producing hydrogen using a renewable energy resource and producing a hydrocarbon material utilizing the produced hydrogen and the recovered carbon dioxide."

United States Patent: 7838272

We have already documented for you, via a number of reports, the rather immense potentials that exist, and which are being further developed by various entities, including our own US Government, for utilizing Algae in controlled environments to recycle, and to convert into a number of crucial and needed materials, that boogeyman of the global warming scare mongers: Carbon Dioxide.


This will be a somewhat repetitive dispatch; but, with some additional information.

We submit it primarily to provide some original-source documentation and to begin further addressing one question that was raised to us by one of our informal consultants, which we have treated somewhat briefly in earlier reports.

There will be a lot of future ground to cover, but:

The document we enclose, via the initial link above, is one about which we have previously reported.

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