United States Patent: 5769940

We've made previous report of the rather extensive technology that Pittsburgh's Dravo Lime Company, once a much larger manufacturing corporation with broader interests, has developed for the profitable employment of Coal utilization byproducts, primarily in the manufacture of Cement, as a substitute for natural raw materials; some of which conventional raw materials, such as limestone, generate copious amounts of Carbon Dioxide during cement plant processing.

United States Patent: 5064733

We've documented the Carbon Dioxide recycling achievements of scientists working at the Gas Research Institute, in Chicago, many times previously.

One dispatch with direct pertinence to our report herein would include:

United States Patent: 5578122

We enclose herein two United States Patents, issued to the University of Texas, which confirm, and help to emphasize, some earlier reports we've made concerning the rather vast potentials we have available to us for profitably utilizing the Coal Ash byproduct of our economical Coal-based power generation, in the making of Portland-type cement and concrete.

Some preamble is necessary so that the true significance of what is described herein can be made clear.

United States Patent: 5284878

We've previously documented the expertise of Pennsylvania's Air Products and Chemicals, Incorporated, in the conversion of Coal, via gasification and subsequent catalytic condensation, into various hydrocarbons and "oxygenated" hydrocarbons, i.e., alcohols such as Methanol.

So recognized is their Coal conversion technical knowledge base that they have from time to time been contracted by the USDOE to improve on the art of converting Coal into various liquid hydrocarbon fuels, as seen, for one example, in our report of:

Pennsylvania Converts Even More Coal to Liquid Fuels | Research & Development; concerning, primarily:

United States Patent: 4313925

We have lately been studying the work of one USDOE scientist, whom we might have cited once or twice previously, which centers on the efficient electrolytic production of Hydrogen from Water, H2O.

As we've seen in a number of previous reports, such as:

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