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In point of fact, our United States taxes were used in two different ways, both directly and indirectly, to subsidize the construction and operation of a factory, in the nation of Turkey, that converts low-grade Turkish Coal into liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons.

We've provided you with many reports documenting the Carbon conversion expertise that had been developed, over the course of decades, by the former Gas Research Institute, of Chicago, Illinois.


United States Patent: 3865924

We have many times documented the rather extraordinary body of Carbon Dioxide recycling technology that had been developed by the former Gas Research Institute and Institute of Gas Technology, in Chicago, Illinois; both of which merged, a little more than a decade ago, to form the Gas Technology Institute.

United States Patent: 7795175

Our headline might at first seem to be a little bit of an, perhaps unwarranted, extrapolation.

It is not.

As clearly indicated by one advance excerpt taken from the "Background" section of our subject herein:

"One way to mitigate CO2 emissions and their influence on the global climate is to efficiently and economically capture CO2 from its source, such as emissions from fossil fuel-burning power plants and other industrial factories, naturally occurring CO2 accompanying natural gas, and the air. Once captured, CO2 can be ... used as a raw material to synthesize fuel and synthetic hydrocarbons."

United States Patent: 5362471

It's not exactly the end "Use" of Coal-fired power plant "Flue Gas Gypsum" that has been improved by Pennsylvania's Air Products and Chemicals company, but, rather, it's ease of handling and processing in the manufacturing facilities which utilize synthetic Gypsum in, especially, wallboard.

We've documented numerous times that synthetic Gypsum can be manufactured from Coal-fired power plant Flue Gas Desulfurization, FGD, "sludge" - the product generated by reacting limestone in  wet stack gas scrubbers with the exhaust gasses generated by the combustion of Sulfur-containing Coal.

United States Patent: 8143319

We've previously documented the body of Coal conversion and Carbon recycling knowledge and expertise being established at the University of California, by scientist Joseph Norbeck and his colleagues.

A few of our previous reports about that work include:

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