As you know, presuming you to have followed our reports over the past several years, The Pennsylvania State University has devoted considerable effort into the development of technologies that would enable us to begin treating the Carbon Dioxide byproduct of our essential and vital use of Coal for the generation of electrical power as what it truly is:

An available and cheap source of Carbon which can be productively utilized, through a variety of ways, in the synthesis and manufacture of a wide range of organic products, including hydrocarbon fuels.

West Virginia Coal Association | Chicago Bugs Convert CO2 into Methane | Research & Development

We are thrilled to see our report, as linked above, on the front page.

However, sadly, as too often and, to us, inexplicably happens, links to US Patent Applications provided and published on the web by the USPTO themselves sometimes, somehow, "shift" in their connections.

The link in the above WV Coal Association web site posting now no longer connects with:

"United States Patent Application 20090130734 - The Production of Methane from CO2; Date: May, 2009;

United States Patent Application: 0090130734

Since we've recently documented, as in:

West Virginia Coal Association | US Gov Hires Penn State Bugs to Convert CO2 to Methane | Research & Development; concerning: "US Patent Application 20090317882 - Electromethanogenic Reactor and Process for Methane Production; 2009; Assignee: The Penn State Research Foundation; Abstract: Biological processes for producing methane gas and capturing carbon from carbon dioxide are provided according to embodiments of the present invention which include providing an electromethanogenic reactor having an anode, a cathode and a plurality of methanogenic microorganisms disposed on the cathode. Electrons and carbon dioxide are provided to the plurality of methanogenic microorganisms disposed on the cathode. The methanogenic microorganisms reduce the carbon dioxide to produce methane gas, even in the absence of hydrogen and/or organic carbon sources"; and, in:

Energy Citations Database (ECD) - - Document #1001343

The document we submit herein, as accessible via the above link, and, which we've downloaded and saved should the link mysteriously somehow later fail to function properly, makes report of the results of one segment of what seems to be a larger, and ongoing, current research project being funded by our USDOE.

We are attempting to track down other reports related to the project and will bring them to you as circumstances allow.

United States Patent: 6054074

In a dispatch now accessible on the West Virginia Coal Association's web site, via the link:

West Virginia Coal Association | Consol Converts Coal Ash to Concrete Aggregate | Research & Development; we made report of:

"United States Patent 5,364,572 - Process for Making High-Strength Synthetic Aggregates; 1994; Inventors: Muh-Cheng Wu and George Wasson; Assignee: Consolidation Coal Company, Pittsburgh; Abstract: A process for making high-strength synthetic aggregates from ... coal combustion ash ... (that) have suitable unit weight, grain size distribution, (specified) abrasion and soundness indices for use as coarse aggregates in road base, asphalt concrete and Portland cement concrete in road construction (and) synthetic aggregates from ... spray dryer ashes (that) have suitable unit weight, grain size distribution for use as coarse lightweight aggregates in concrete masonry units";

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