To folks unfamiliar with the petroleum refining industry, or, even just generally, the chemical processing industry, our titling of this dispatch, "USDOE Polishes Coal Liquids", might be confusing.
However, one of the final steps undertaken at a petroleum refinery is the clarification of, and the removal of very fine solids from, the liquid products.
In a recent dispatch, now accessible on the West Virginia Coal Association's web site via the link:

"United States Patent 5,362,471 - Producing Gypsum Flake from Flue Gas Desulfurization; 1994; Assignee: Air Products and Chemicals, Incorporated, Allentown (PA); Abstract: This invention relates to an improved process for producing gypsum calcium sulfate dihydrate flakes from powdered gypsum calcium sulfate dihydrate obtained from the desulfurization of flue gas by the wet limestone process. Gypsum, which is calcium sulfate, has wide application in the manufacture of construction products and particularly wallboard";

Gasification of carbonaceous solid fuels

The United States Patent we enclose in this dispatch presents documentation of some facts concerning Coal gasification and conversion that represent only a slight variation on themes about which we've earlier reported.

Our more recent research, however, has uncovered some later and more sophisticated technologies for the indirect conversion of Coal into hydrocarbons, with little to no emissions of Carbon Dioxide or Sulfur, that seem to have evolved from the concepts established herein.

GE, Shenhua form coal tech venture|Business|

e've many times documented the amazing plans the people of China have formalized: plans to develop within their nation an extensive industry founded on the gasification and liquefaction of Coal, to supply with their own domestic resources their own needs for liquid and gasseous fuels and for organic chemical manufacturing raw materials.

Among our reports have been some indicating that Coal conversion is a very worthwhile proposition for them, as in:

United States Patent: 8083815

Just this past January, we made report of a United States Patent Application, submitted by Shell Oil Company, wherein Coal and Carbon-recycling "waste" materials, along with a stream of Carbon Dioxide gas, in which the solid carbonaceous particles are carried, are all converted into a synthesis gas blend of  Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide suitable for catalytic chemical condensation into the valuable and versatile alcohol, Methanol, and the substitute Diesel fuel, Dimethyl Ether.

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