At our recent Annual Meeting, the following individuals were elected to three-year terms on the Association’s Board of Directors (their representative companies shown in parenthesis): Ralph Ballard (WWMV, LLC), Gary Bennett (Arch Coal), Russell Bolyard (L&P Mineral), Pat Graney (Narcelle Logistics), Bobby Hypes (South Fork Coal), Greg Jessee (Met Resources), Tim McLean (Walker Machinery), Marty Petrunyak (Nelson Brothers) and Mike Zervos (United Energy). 

Also during their meeting, the Board of Directors elected the following officers and Executive Committee members for the next year:  Chairman of the Board---Jimmy Brock (Consol Energy); 1st Vice-Chairman---Mike Carey (Murray Energy); 2nd Vice-Chairman---Jimmy Bunn II (Coal River Energy);Secretary---Gary Bennett (Arch Coal); Treasurer---Andrew Jordon (Pritchard Mining); Assistant Treasurer---Ben Beakes (Alpha Natural Resources); Associate Division Chairman---Tim McLean (Walker Machinery); Members at Large --- Mike Day (Patriot Coal), Warren Hylton (Patience Coal), Kevin Craig (NRP); President---Bill Raney; Senior Vice-President---Chris Hamilton; and Vice-President---Jason Bostic. 

The Association is pleased and proud to welcome the following new members who were approved at last week’s Board of Directors’ meeting:    Met Resources; Greenbrier Smokeless Coal Company; Narcelle Logistics; ESCO Corporation; URCO, Inc.;  and the Rogers Group.  We appreciate these new members’ confidence in the Association and we look forward to a long and active membership as we collectively address the issues confronting our industry. 

The September episode of the West Virginia Coal Association’s Coal Seam television show was filmed this week. The special guest was Senate President and Lt. Governor Bill Cole, who discussed the issues related to the President’s Carbon and Mercury Rules and their impact on the future of coal in the state – focusing specifically on what the state can do on its own to help the industry compete while continuing to push back on the Obama Administration’s regulatory assault. 

Cole also discussed the 2016 Legislative Agenda, saying that a big part of the upcoming session would be focused on tax reform and other means to help state businesses compete.  The episode begins airing next week.

The Coal Seam is available on your local public access cable channel, including Suddenlink Channel 17 in the southern part of the state. Check your local listings for the dates and times.

The 2015 edition of Coal Facts, the West Virginia Coal Association’s annual report on the status of the state’s coal industry, is now available. It is available at the WVCA’s office in Charleston or for download at http://www.wvcoal.com/docs/Coal%20Facts%202015.pdf.  Drop by and see us or visit our website for your copy today.

CHARLESTON – The Obama Administration today formally published the EPA’s final regulations governing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. The regulation will endanger hundreds of power plants around the nation, raise the electric bills to the point of creating energy poverty for millions of Americans and endanger the electric grid.

“Today’s announcement by the Obama Administration of its adoption of the EPA’s ‘Costly Power Plan’ is yet another effort by this administration to hide its radical policies behind a façade of compromise,” said Bill Raney, president of the West Virginia Coal Association. “This latest iteration of the EPA’s regulatory assault against coal-fired power generation is being presented as addressing the concerns of industry, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Yes, the final regulation tacks on a couple of years to the compliance timeline, but all this accomplishes is perpetuate uncertainty and provide more time for the rule to do more damage – irreversible damage – to the nation’s energy industry and electric grid.

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