The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Mining & Reclamation will hold a Surface Water Runoff Analysis (SWROA) training session on May 14, 2013 at the Charleston Civic Center.  To register for the training session contact Leslie Oaks 304-926-0499 ext. 1506

The first Legislative Monthly Interim Meetings will be held in Charleston from May 20-22.  The following link will provide the schedule for this month’s meetings as well as the membership for the various Interim Committees.  Click here for the general schedule and committee makeup:http://www.legis.state.wv.us/committees/interims/intcomsched.cfm.

The June Interim Meetings will be held in Wheeling, the State’s first capitol, where West Virginia’s 150th Birthday will be commemorated.

Members may want to let their employees know their children (high school) may attend the annual WV High School Entrepreneurship Summit at Camp Horseshoe.  June 9 – 15 details are available on the below attachment.

Sponsorships pay all the fees except $50 the student invests – or finds a sponsor for their $50 share of the fee.  The PDF is attached below (double click on PDF):

The 2013 Friends of Coal Auto Fair is set for July 19-21st at the YMCA Paul Cline Memorial Sports Complex in Beckley, WV.  More than 50,000 people from all over the country are expected throughout the weekend to take in the car show, carnival rides, live music, special performance, surprise guests and festival food.  Sponsorship opportunities are available and more up-to-date information can be accessed by visiting: www.friendsofcoalautofair.com

The Friends of Coal Ladies Auxiliary thanks its many volunteers and supporters who have contributed to our cause. April 19-25 was National Volunteers week, as you know. How many of you reading this article will ask yourself “why volunteer?”.

Part of being a great volunteer is caring deeply about an issue and spreading that passion to others. Join the Friends of Coal Ladies Auxiliary and become a positive influence for coal, declare your dedication, connect with your community and find personal satisfaction.

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