WV Mine Safety Rules Proposed

The West Virginia Board of Coal Mine Health & Safety is updating the body of administrative law governing underground, surface and surface areas of underground coal mining. The Board recently voted to propose the following sets of administrative rules for public comment.  

  • Title 36, Series 1 "Shaft and Slope Operation"
  • Title 36, Series 5 "Telephone Service or Communications Facility"
  • Title 36, Series 14 "Electrical Equipment in Mines; Required Examinations"
  • Title 36, Series 25 "Underground Equipment Requirements and Operation"
  • Title 36, Series 26 "Construction and Rehabilitation Operations in Underground Mines"
  • Title 48, Series 3 "Safety Training Programs for Perspective Surface Coal Miners"

The rules will be open for comment until January 31, 2021.  For more information, contact the Association office at 304-342-4153.