Support House Bills 3142 and 3144!

House Bills 3142 and 3144 are critical to rebuilding West Virginia’s coal industry and protecting our mining jobs.  The first bill lowers the coal severance tax on steam coal so we can compete against coal from other states that have no severance tax in what remains in the coal-fired electricity market,  The second offers a tax rebate on any new investment in West Virginia that expands coal production and employment.   Importantly, neither bill would impact the share of coal severance taxes that is provided to county and local governments. 

We need both of these bills to secure our future- to make sure our miners keep working and that West Virginia provides that energy that the nation and the world so desperately needs.  We need these bills to sustain the industry’s recovery after the devastating War on Coal.

Please email WV Delegates to have them support these critical pieces of legislation!