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EPA Sued for Withholding Info on Employees Sending Encrypted Text Message

By Michael Bastach, Daily Caller (03/22/2017) A public interest law firm sued the EPA for not turning over records regarding agency officials’ use of encrypted messaging applications. The Cause of Action Institute (CoA) filed suit in the District Court for the District of Columbia Tuesday after the EPA failed to turn over any records to the … More EPA Sued for Withholding Info on Employees Sending Encrypted Text Message

U.S. Rail Coal Shipments To Rise Amid Favorable Business Environment

President Trump recently announced the federal government’s intention to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, and while the process to formally withdraw from the global climate treaty will take years, the announcement is an indication of the administration’s intention to create a more favorable business environment for the coal industry. Moreover, rising natural gas prices … More U.S. Rail Coal Shipments To Rise Amid Favorable Business Environment

Death of U.S. Coal Industry Greatly Exaggerated

By Roger Bezdek Public Utilities Fortnightly WASHINGTON, DC (October 2017) — In Part One, we assessed the recent past and current state of the U.S. coal industry, with emphasis on Appalachia. In Part Two, we examine alternative scenario futures for the industry, involving assumptions about economic growth, energy requirements, technologies, tax incentives, and research and … More Death of U.S. Coal Industry Greatly Exaggerated

EPA Plans to Streamline Air Regulations Permitting

By Devin Henry  The Hill WASHINGTON, DC (Oct. 25, 2017) — The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Wednesday said it would reassess the way it issues Clean Air Act pollution permits for new facilities, as a way to reduce regulatory burdens for businesses. As part of a review President Trump mandated earlier this year, the EPA said it … More EPA Plans to Streamline Air Regulations Permitting

Clinton and Sanders Out of Touch with Real Needs of Americans

Clinton wants to “…put coal miners and coal companies out of business.” CHARLESTON – West Virginia Coal Association President Bill Raney today issued the following statement about recent comments by Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. “For the … Continue reading