West Virginia Coal Association Endorses Manchin for U.S. Senate Seat

CHARLESTON – The Board of Directors of the West Virginia Coal Association today endorses Governor Joe Manchin for the United States Senate. We do so for the following reasons: 

  • For the past six years, and particularly the past two, the coal industry has not had a more aggressive and knowledgeable advocate in the public arena.
  • Considered “too conservative” by some and “too liberal” by others, Governor Manchin offers a common-sense approach to the issues facing our nation – something we desperately need during the current economic crisis.
  • At a time when many are worried about the “hyper-partisanship” of Washington, Gov. Manchin can provide a bridge across the aisle. We believe he will be the independent voice we need – someone who focuses on what works and not some political agenda.
  • He has provided strong and sound economic leadership to our state. Together with the coal industry and the leadership of the West Virginia State Legislature, Governor Manchin has given our state a stable, sound fiscal policy and has guided our state through the current economic recession while being only one of four states that have maintained a balanced budget.
  • Governor Manchin does what he believes is right for the people of West Virginia and doesn’t allow partisan politics to color his judgment.  He has “stood up” to his own party leadership when he thought it was wrong. He has told President Obama several times, in face-to-face meetings, that he and his friends in Congress are wrong to villainize coal. The Governor has championed our coal mining jobs and has worked tirelessly to break the EPA permit gridlock so that our mining operations can keep West Virginians working. 
  • Governor Manchin opposes any form of Cap & Trade legislation that threatens the jobs that our coal mining families depend on for their livelihoods.  He believes in the sanctity of the secret ballot and believes it must be preserved in labor situations as well as the public sphere.
  • Governor Manchin believes all forms of coal mining are critical to meeting our nation’s long-term energy needs as our nation’s economy regains its footing.  He would work to pass the bill proposed by Sen. Rockefeller that would prohibit EPA making law and enforcing by regulation what the Obama Administration can’t get passed in legislation. He would extend that prohibition permanently from the two years proposed by the current bill.
  • As senator, Governor Manchin would enter office already recognized as an energy expert. During his service as governor and as chairman of the Democratic Governor’s Association, the National Governor’s Association and the Southern States Energy Board, he has persuasively and effectively championed the role of coal in our nation’s energy future.

Above all, Governor Manchin is a proud West Virginian, committed to building a future for our state and our nation. He fully understands how important the continued mining of West Virginia coal is to the security and well-being of America. We are pleased to offer our endorsement of Governor Joe Manchin for the United States Senate.