A recently released report by Deloitte Consulting, Tracking the Trends 2011: The Top Ten Issues Mining Companies Will Face, provides an overview of the primary issues facing the mining industry as we move into the new year.

The concerns include:

Financing constraints that have followed the recent global financial crisis.

Rapid global industrialization is driving a mismatch between supply and demand for commodities;

Increasing need to do more to engage key community stakeholders at every stage of the mine’s lifecycle; New mining taxes; New regulations;

Greater policy influences being exerted by various governments in the wake of the global financial crisis; The need for more strategic long-range planning;

Skilled labor retention and recruitment challenges, particularly in middle-management ranks;

Ramifications and new strategic requirements presented by expansion into marginal projects and more remote geographies;

Escalating stakeholder demands for greater mining company disclosure of environmental standards and impacts;

Inadequate infrastructure to support mining activities and transport of commodities; and, Balancing risk with new opportunities.

A full copy of the report is available at: Deloitte’s website.

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