During the past week, the West Virginia Friends of Coal social media group moved past 77,000 total fans, adding 2,300 new fans and chalking up 1.3 million total impressions (eyeballs on a page) in just the past 15 days.

The Friends of Coal (National) page led the way adding 1,300 new fans over the past 15 days and chalking up almost ½ million impressions. Friends of Coal West Virginia followed closely with 1,000 new fans and just short of another ½ million impressions over the period. The Friends of Coal (National) page is now at almost 31,000 fans while the Friends of Coal West Virginia page is 25,000 total fans.

The most popular post on our pages for the past few weeks has been a news post about pending lawsuits by radical groups that threaten to shut down several mines across the country. The post garnered approximately 14,000 views in just three days on the Friends of Coal West Virginia page and 11,000 on the Friends of Coal (National) page in the same period. Altogether, the post has garnered about 40,000 views across our platform in just three days.

We believe we will be able to hit 100,000 total fans by the end of the year thanks to help from all of you.

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