Roger Horton has worked tirelessly on behalf of our area’s coal miners for many years, recently retiring from his job at Guyan Surface Mine after 35 years in the industry.  Roger was recognized at the Miners’ Celebration at Tamarack as the Champion for Coal.

WVCA President, Bill Raney, in introducing Roger at a recent rally in Pittsburgh, said of him, “A long time ago, when we were looking for “friends” anywhere we could find them, a man appeared at a public hearing in Logan, WV on behalf of his company and his local union in “opposition” to some ridiculous rule or regulation being proposed by EPA.


“He was as passionate and sincere as anyone I “had ever” heard. He talked about the men and women he worked with -- how professional they were, how concerned they were about their families – their “jobs, “and how they wanted to stay in WV and do what they did best, which is mine West Virginia coal.

“When EPA started their War on Coal -- 7 years ago -- with direct attacks on West Virginia operations, and West Virginia people. That same guy was there. More experienced – more ‘mature, but every bit’ as passionate about protecting his people’s jobs, their families and their way of life. He had just started a small group -- the “Citizens for Coal” – and he wanted to help fight the attacks by Washington in any way he could.  Since that day, Citizens for Coal’s members have grown into the thousands, and has been active, viable and visible – throughout West Virginia and our surrounding states.

“He and Citizens for Coal have been at every hearing, rally and gathering we’ve had over the last ten years. West Virginia’s coal miners couldn’t ask for a better spokesman or better friend than Citizens for Coal President, and my friend, Roger Horton.

Roger doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk every day.”

Horton has served as a miner both underground and on the surface. He has been a UMWA District and Local official. Last year he helped organize and lead a Miner’s Relief effort – focused on helping laid off coal miners through the winter and providing them help with Christmas. Through the efforts of Roger and Citizens for Coal and countless volunteers, literally hundreds of coal mining families who faced an otherwise bleak holiday season, he provided a little help to make the holidays brighter.

This year, with the need even greater, Roger and Citizens haven’t blinked. They are back at work to help our people weather the storms and bring Christmas to so many children.”

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