Continuing to show their colors and lack of interest in coal-producing states, U.S. Senator Harry Reid (Nevada) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (California) wrote a letter to the Acting Architect of the U.S. Capitol asking him to aggressively pursue the switching of fuels from coal to natural gas for the Capitol Power Plant (CPP).  The letter suggests there is money for retrofitting the plant and paying for more expensive natural gas, but not for setting the example with state of the art controls for continuing to use reliable, dependable, economical coal!  This seems to be the typical short-sighted play to the media that has little regard for the miners and workers in West Virginia and the other coal producing states of the nation.  We presume the Majority Leader and the Speaker will require the gas industry to continue to fund the UMWA Health and Retirement Plans for retired miners and the Abandoned Mined Land Program for contractors, both of which are currently being paid, in part, by the continued production of coal for the Capitol Power Plant. 

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