The State Board of Coal Mine Health & Safety has (re)filed for public comment the following five (5) sets of administrative rules, including four (4) of which, that have been held in abeyance for nearly two years.

Ø -- Title 36 Series 49 Barometer

Ø -- Title 36 Series 50 Belt Conveyor Safety

Ø -- Title 36 Series 51 Escapeway Maps and Drills

Ø -- Title 36 Series 52 Notification of Fires

Ø -- Title 36 Series 53 Hoisting and Elevators

The comment period for all proposals is extended to May 10, 2012. The proposed rule addressing “barometers” is a new requirement for state mines.  The proposed rule requires a recording barometer or other device capable of recording barometric pressure to be located at the mine office and a daily inspection and recording of barometric pressure by the mine foreman. The proposed rule additionally places an obligation on the WV Board of Miner Training, Education and Certification to develop a unit of instruction for inclusion into the continuing education program designed for mine foreman. The proposed rules affecting “conveyor belts”, “escapeways” and “notification of  fires” are intended to comport state requirements on these topics to corresponding federal standards. The proposed rule on “hoisting and elevators” was initially released for comment in October 2011, following the Board’s review of a 2009 mining fatality involving a hoisting accident.  The rules generally update and revise state requirements pertaining to mine hoists and elevators.  If you have questions contact Chris Hamilton in our offices –chamilton@wvcoal.com

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