CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The fight against Obama's EPA is never-ending. But, today West Virginia and surrounding states got a win over the Federal Government in the 6th Circuit, thanks to the work of Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

The 6th Circuit has blocked the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers from enforcing new rules over small stream, land, farms and other private property.

"Thanks to a conservative Attorney General with the courage to take on D.C. and Obama, we have a fighting chance to save our energy industries, farms and private property rights," said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. "Every day Patrick Morrisey works to protect us from an out-of-control Federal bureaucracy. West Virginia is lucky to have such a committed and effective conservative leader in Patrick Morrisey."

West Virginia is a leader among the 31 states fighting this Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule.

The rule extends the EPA and Corps of Engineers' regulatory jurisdiction to an untold number of small bodies of water, including roadside ditches and short-lived streams or any other area where the agencies believe water may flow once every 100 years. It was published in the Federal Register June 29, and the agencies began enforcing the rule Aug. 28.

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